DS GLOBAL Services


DS Global  specializes  in  international  transportation,  customs  clearance,  warehousing,  agency services  for  import  and  export


 ▪ Container Freight

   - Ocean Freight

   - Rail Freight

   - In/outbound in Russia and CIS

▪ Air Freight

   - In/outbound in Russia and CIS

▪ Consolidated cargo

▪ Air ▪ Regional transportation in Russia and CIS

   - Road ,Rail ,Air Freight

▪ Customs clearance at Vladivostok,  Vostochny, Moscow, St. Petersburg  customs and CIS

▪ Customs clearance under  the customers contract and DS Global

▪ Assistance   in obtaining permission documents

▪ Identification HS CODE

▪ Safe storage for short and long periods

▪ Acceptance and shipment palletized and shelf goods

▪ Automated warehouse management system WMS

▪ Providing floor storage of goods and outsourcing workers

▪ Certificate of Conformity Customs Union(EAC)

▪ Declaration of Conformity Customs Union(EAEC)

▪ Test Report

▪ Certificate of State Registration

▪  Import and export agency services

▪ Purchase agency services

▪ Import /export  under own contract DS Global

▪ Search for suppliers and customers

▪ Marketing team support

▪ Participation in international exhibitions

▪ Consulting services(Logistic, Accounting, Legal)

▪ Remittance service